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Dol Anduin -- FREE!

Fast and easy to build, this was the first 10-mm card model that I created. It is a good starter kit for those new to card modeling. Please accept it free of charge as my thanks to you for visiting my website.


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Kragenvale Keep

The downloadable 10-mm scale Kragenvale Keep card model is optimized for play with any ruleset that uses 40-mm by 20-mm unit bases (or smaller). Perfect for recreating the battle of Helms Deep. Modular design allows for layout variations.


Norman Watchtower

Get all three scales (15mm, 10mm, 6mm) of the Norman Watchtower card model in a single download. Removeable drawbridge can be configured in up and down positions.


Card Model Castles (PDF Download)


The card model castles you see here are designed to be compatible with Warmaster and other gaming systems that use 10-mm miniatures on a standard 20-mm by 40-mm base. I recommend using a 60 lb. cover or heavier stock for durability. The miniature figures shown in the photos are manufactured by Copplestone Miniatures, Games Workshop, and Peter Pig, and are not included.
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