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Micro-Scale Road Pack - $5.00

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15mm Road Pack - $5.00
10mm Road Pack - $5.00
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Toshach Miniatures’ Road Packs are designed to add realistic roads to your layout at a fraction of the cost you would spend on rubber, plastic, or resin road terrain. Road Packs are available in three scales, 15mm, 10mm, and Micro-Scale (1:285/6mm). Each Road Pack includes straights, curves, and a variety of intersection types in three surface textures: paved, cobblestone, and dirt. Any number of Road Pack components can be spliced together or cut apart to create or fit an almost unlimited number of layout variations. Original and photographic textures have been incorporated to insure a very realistic appearance on your battlefield. (Downloadable PDF)

(Figures in the photos are by Battlefront, Peter Pig, GHQ, Copplestone Castings, and Microtactix, and are not included.)

Each Road Pack includes a variety of:
-paved straights
-paved curves
-paved intersections
-cobblestone straights
-cobblestone curves
-cobblestone intersections
-dirt straights
-dirt curves
-dirt intersections
-surface type transitions